Starting a clothing Line-Onlyone

Starting a clothing line (online shop).

Blogging has never really been our thing but well, neither has designing nor ecommerce. One thing we have learned so far in this business, which, arguably is the most important lesson, is that if you keep an open mind and invest the time and efforts required, you will get better at it every single day. You should be ready to work all day or all evening after your regular job (if you have one) and have sleepless nights if you even want to have a chance at succeeding in the fashion/clothing industry (except you have the resources to employ others to do it for you).

There are thousands of clothing brands out there of every size, which makes it scary to think of getting into the industry. But the good news is we also felt the same way in the beginning and we can tell you that passion is the only thing that keeps you going as you may not make any sales in the first few months. Except you have a whole bunch of friends who are willing to support you (like in our case). You will feel like giving up several times and trust me, if you don`t have fun with it or if it feels like hard work then you may not be in the right business.

We officially started our clothing brand called ONLYONE on Feb 2, 2018. We are a motivational and lifestyle urban clothing brand, which aim to inspire people to live their lives their way, and not feel compelled to look or act a certain way to be accepted in the society. We aim to bring together urban style from every part of the world on one platform where people can create an outfit from a crop top adapted from the Chinese traditional wear and a UK style jogger for example; or maybe a T-shirt dress made from cotton and Ankara fabric from Africa.

The point is to show people that being or looking “DIFFERENT IS CLASSY”and that you are the ONLYONE to decide who you want to be and what look you want to have. We also print t-shirts and hoodies with motivational quotes to help people get through the day in a good mood.

When we were researching on how to start our clothing brand, we realized that people who were already a little more  table in their business wrote most of the articles on that topic. We felt like these people could not quite relate to us at this point as they now see things from a different perspective. Therefore, we decided to document the growth process of our brand from this early stage, telling you about all the mistakes we made, the challenges we had and how we overcame them.

We will divide the blog into two main sections. The first will be a News channel, where our customers can get all the info about new products, discounts offers, promotions and other interest topics related the ONLY1NE brand. Moreover, the second part will provide tips on how to start and run a clothing line at different stages based on our own experience. That way you do not have to make the same mistakes that ONLYONE made. We hope you enjoy the content of the blog and do subscribe to our mailing list to get all the latest updates.


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